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Chinese Mahjong Solitaire free online

Chinese Mahjong Solitaire free online In this free online Chinese Mahjong Solitaire you can immediately choose a certain level of difficulty. Therefore, the game is perfect for both beginners and solitaire lovers.

How to play?

In this solitaire, the player needs consistently remove chips from the playing field, just making pairs. It is clear that you cannot click on any chip; it must be open for the move. That is, at least one long side is not blocked by other knuckles and the chip is not pressed down from above.

The hint is implemented unusually. To see which knuckles are available for the move, you need to click on the HINT button at the top of the screen in the middle. And then all possible pairs will be displayed for you. But only the names of the knuckles will be displayed which can be removed. You have to look for them by your own.

To play in this kind of mahjong in the whole screen is much more interesting and convenient, because you can see all the charms of a customizable background, color and type of chips, not allowing your eyes to get tired of many small details.

Control: by mouse


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