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Butterfly Mahjong online free game

Butterfly Mahjong online free gameIt is worth playing for free in online Butterfly Mahjong to develop your assiduity and mindfulness. This interesting game is able to occupy the minds and eyes of any person for a long time. The essence of this mahjong is to completely clear the playing field and at the same time keep within the time limit.

How to play?

In this game, you need to look for the same butterflies and make up pairs of them. One butterfly is able to fly any distance to another butterfly but with one condition. On the way there should not be more than two turns, otherwise the butterfly will be lost. Therefore, it does not fly away from the place. At the initial levels, insects are able to fly beyond the bounded playing field. But on more complex levels there will be hedges that prevent the moves "beyond the field".

But even in the most difficult situation, the player has a chance for help. Because he has two tools available - "Tips" shown in the form of a magic wand and "Reset" depicted in the form of two arrows. The first will highlight a pair of butterflies, which can be combined, and the second can shuffle the entire playing field. As a rule, in this case, pairs are formed on neighboring cell. You should use it.

Control: by mouse


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