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Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai 2 matching free online game

Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai 2 matching free online gamePlaying free online Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai 2 game without time, you will be able not only to pump your memory and attention, but also enjoy beautifully painted figures of wonderful butterflies. You really will forget about the time spending on this.

How to play?

To properly choose a pair for butterfly, you need to remember the following: the insect does not have a very good memory. Therefore, they could not pass the road more than two turns. That's why if a player picks up a pair then there should not be three or more bends between two butterflies.

There are two instruments to help you: shuffling, which moves all the insects to new places, and a loop that allows you to go through the levels faster showing possible pairs for a player.

It is worth remembering that butterflies are able to fly beyond the limit of the game field. Therefore, if there are pairs from the edges, you can safely send them there.

Control: by mouse


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