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Bug Connect online game

Bug Connect online gameRules are typical for match 3 game. After launching this amazing and colorful Mahjong Bug Connect game you will see rows of different insects on the screen. Each square has a bug of a certain color and a certain kind. You need to combine them so that these bugs make rows. Using squares that contain bombs, you can destroy a lot more empty squares than by just swapping them and it will bring your victory even closer.

How to play?

You need to group them by three in a row and remove them from the playing field. Remember that only adjacent tiles can be moved. Click on neighboring butterflies and spiders and wasp them by placing identical insects. They will disappear and you will get some game points. In this game you need to act quickly. Your time on each level is limited. You will have only 1.10 minutes to pass the level so be very quick and attentive. If you will think for too long the game will be over. But you can have another go and try to do it better next time.

Try to put as many identical figures in a row as possible and do it with the maximum speed. The faster you collect them, the more points you will receive. With each following level, the playing field will become larger and larger, and therefore there will be more squares that are not filled with the bugs. Try to use logical thinking and ingenuity so that the game will give you not only good results, but also pleasure. Swap any tile with the adjacent one to match the others vertically or horizontally. Match all tiles before the time runs out to complete the level.

Unfortunately, there are only 10 levels, so the fun won’t last for too long. It is a funny, but rather difficult game. It has a perfect design and pleasant music. If background music annoys you, it can be turned off. The game perfectly develops logic and the ability to quickly focus your attention on details. Control with the mouse.

Control: by mouse


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