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Arkadium Mahjong Candy online game

Arkadium Mahjong Candy online gameThe goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the playing field by matching two identical ones. You can connect them either in a straight line or with a line that has one or two turns.

If you are looking for an intellectual game Arkadium Mahjong Candy is for you. This is a Chinese puzzle game that will win you over with its addictive process. Test and train your brain at easier levels to check all your capabilities on a difficult stage.

How to play?

Sweet candies and other treats are located throughout the playing field. You have to find identical tiles with the images of sweets and connect them. If this pair is correct, it will disappear from the playing field and you will earn points. If not, keep looking. Each task is designed for a limited amount of time. You can track it using the timer on the top left. Find identical candies urgently and try to remove them from the playing field as quickly as possible. Find a couple of candies and click on them so that they disappear. Sweets on the same field are easy to remove. To destroy the lollipops located at the red poles, you need to properly strain your intellect and think.

The Arkadium Mahjong Candy game will give you small hints if you get confused. To create a pair of tiles, left-click on them. You also have the option to shuffle the tiles on the playing field. Click on the corresponding button below, and the order of the sweets will be changed.

If you manage to clear the playing field, you can advance to the next of 12 levels. The faster you remove all the tiles, the more points you can get. Can you complete all levels? Get ready for the fact that you will simply be stuck to your screen.

Control: by mouse


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