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Animals Mahjong 2 online game

Animals Mahjong 2 online gameYou can connect only those animals, the line between which has no more than two bends.

The Animals Mahjong 2 game has several modes. “Quick Match” is a quick game with a choice of level of difficulty and no time limit. “Puzzles” is a game against the time divided into 30 levels with increasing difficulty. In both modes, hints and shuffles are available in case there are some difficulties. After that, these pictures will disappear until the playing field becomes empty.

How to play?

The difficulty is to connect two identical pictures. They should be quite close, and the line that connects them should go from one animal to another. If you have any difficulties, there are a few tips. And if you use them you will have to think for yourself.

A funny solution to such an action as the disappearance of connected objects favorably distinguishes this game among hundreds of similar ones. A well-designed interface, high-quality images, mesmerizing animation, an eye-pleasing combination of a colored background and bright shades will not leave you indifferent.

It is necessary to highlight the animals between which you can draw a line. It doesn't have to be straight. A right angle is allowed with no more than two turns. The number of pairs and the time that is unlimited in the game are taken into account. A successful and quick start is awarded with points. The options available and the number of animal species increases from level to level. If necessary, you can make it easier for yourself. There are three additional attempts and three hints available. Can you find a match for the animal in the Animals Mahjong 2 online game? If your answer is yes, then let’s go and have fun.

Control: by mouse


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