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Play 3D Mahjong online free gameA huge plus of this free online 3D Mahgong, which can be played day and night, is that you can make an ideal field for yourself. Especially, if the standard ones are already bored and were passed more than once. But even without this, you can flexibly configure the game - choose the type of chips, layout and start playing!

How to play?

To fold the solitaire is enough to know one important rule: the chips are collected exclusively by identical pairs. But at the same time you can choose them only when at least one long side is open and nothing lies on top of them.

In this case, solitaire has several features. If you turn on the 3D mode on the top panel above the game field, then you can turn it slightly to get a better view of all the chips. Best of all, this feature manifests itself when you launch Mahjong in full screen. On the same panel you can find five hints. The pairs will be shown only for a second.

To open the editor, you need to click on the Editor button in the main menu instead of Start. The first two pairs of buttons denote "Add" and "Delete" respectively. The next two are the mode where the field will be seen well. And then you can consistently save, return to the standard and completely clear the field. The last three buttons will indicate "Previous layout", "Next" and "Exit".

Control: by mouse


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