Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes
Mahjong Dark Dimensions 15 minutes
Mahjong Connect 4
Taipei mahjong


A wonderful game Butterfly Mahjong will let you have a great time and at the same time stretch your brains a little! It will take all the care and assiduity to fold it.
Complex, but interesting Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong will require all the observance and desire to win. Challenge this game and win!
It's time to connect the knuckles! Mahjong Connect will allow you to collect one of the most interesting puzzles, increase your attention and have a great time!
Beautiful Mahjong Tiles will not leave anyone indifferent. It's time to spend time with pleasure and stretch your brains under tender Chinese music!
Are you ready to play Mahjong Connect 6 online? This time the player’s task, as usual, is to clear up the playing field from all the mysterious tiles by matching them and finding the same pictures.
If Mahjong Connect Deluxe is not the best, then definitely one of the best Mahjong puzzle games with themed music and high-quality design.
The game Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes is a 3D version of the well-known Mahjong puzzle game. In this game, as you can understand from its name, you will have only 15 minutes ...
Free Classic Mahjong game will plunge you into the world of logic and attentiveness, as you need to find tiles with the same images in a short time and remove them from the playing field.
Collect animals in the game Pet Connect 2. Click on any animal to start. Now move the mouse on identical neighboring animals (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).
Various animals are on the playing field. Your task is to find pictures of animals of the same species and connect them with a broken line that will not intersect other pictures.
Welcome to Mahjong Dark Dimensions 15 minutes (triple time), a fun 3D game that is even more fun than other mahjong.
We offer you to play a version of the popular Thanksgiving game. Interesting and appetising puzzle will make you strain your logic!
Do you like logic puzzles that make your brain work hard? Mahjong Alchemy Arkadium - this game will not let you get bored!
Free Mahjong Solitaire uses the same rules as the original version of Mahjong. The conditions are quite simple: the player needs to collect all the tiles.
Plunge into the world of fairy-tale journey in Mahjong Solitaire World Tour! Original gameplay and unique magical creatures are waiting for you!
Miracle Mahjong brings a little magic to classic gameplay. The game is a complicated version of the Classic Mahjong!
Mahjong Quest 2 is one of the variants of the classic Mahjong game. Mahjong Quest 2 will test your logic for endurance!
Mahjong Quest 3 is an exciting puzzle game in four game worlds. Choose your side of the world and dive into the interesting world of Mahjong!
Mahjong Arkadium is a classic version of the popular game. The goal of the entertainment remains unchanged - to clear the field from similar tiles.
Mahjong 3D has a lot of combinations of tiles, there are 40 rounds. This is a game for real puzzle lovers!
Solitaire Mahjong Juicy is a fun game that will not let you get bored during your break!
Free Mahjong puzzle game is considered to be an ancient Chinese entertainment, and it is not losing its popularity now.
What happens when you combine two popular games Mahjong and Wordle together? A real puzzle game for true connoisseurs of this genre of entertainment!
Free Mahjong Connect Full Screen is a simple and fun game to train your logical thinking. There is no time limit in this game!
Looking for a new Mahjong experience? Test your skills and prove your mastery in the Mahjong Link Puzzle game!
For beginners who are new to the game of mahjong, the version with no time limit is ideal. Free Classic Mahjong (full screen) can be passed leisurely.
Mahjong Gold offers to solve secrets and find gold bars in the middle of the playing field!
Flag Connect is a fascinating variant of traditional Mahjong. However, instead of symbols, the user will have to face real flags of countries!
Immerse yourself in a beautiful spring garden and rich adventures. Spring Mahjong combines a bright design with interesting gameplay!
Mahjong Journey has brought together the beauty of different cities. Here you can enjoy the views and solve the puzzle!
A fun game for attention and logic training - Balls Connect. Try to connect all the same balls and do it fast!
An exciting single-player game will make your brain work hard! Shisen-sho or Four Rivers is a great puzzle game for leisure time.
Ready to travel the world of Mahjong? It's best to start with MahJong Online. It is a universal version of the classic game.
One of the versions of the classic puzzle game is Full Screen Mahjong. Its peculiarity is the absence of music, which can interfere with concentration.
Do you like logic problems? Then Original Free Mahjong puzzle game will be a great entertainment during your break!
This version of the game is the very first classic Mahjong. The Mahjong Solitaire Online game originates from China, as evidenced by the patterns on the tiles.
Welcome to a modern version of the Free Mahjong Solitaire Classic and try to remove all the same elements from the field!
This version is a modern interpretation of the classic mahjong. Mahjong Remix you need to connect pairs to quickly clear the field!
If you want to try new things in the game of mahjong, then Black and White Dimensions Mahjong is the right solution.
The popular game is improving and changing, Mahjong is available in 3D. In Mahjong Dimensions 3d you will have to fight with non-standard elements!
This version of Mahjong has a special purpose - it is released by Arkadium for Earth Day!
Mahjongg Solitaire (full screen) is an excellent opportunity to test your attention and logic. You have unlimited time to solve the puzzle!
Free Online Mahjong is based on the rules of Classic Mahjong. Play instantly for free!
Free Mahjong Online is a great option to keep your brain sharp! There are 144 tiles on the field at the same time.
Regular Mahjong doesn't seem so complicated anymore? Endless Dimensions will take the player into the world of three-dimensional Mahjong!
One of the popular variants of standard Mahjong is Free Mahjong Con! It's a completely free version of the game with classic rules.
The cult game in different variations, Mahjong Titans Free version attracts attention with its original design!
For fans of military mahjong themes developers have created a classic version - War Mahjong Free Game!
Fans of the band Gorillaz can now not only listen to their favourite music, but also solve a thematic puzzle!
One pleasant way to pass the time is to solve the puzzle game - Tile Connect Pair Matching!
The Classic Mahjong is a versatile game offers to enjoy an exciting gameplay and helps to relax after a hard day's work!
Mahjong Connect Remastered is slightly different from the classic games of this genre. The playing field is a single-level layout of tiles.
The fun Mahjongg Connect puzzle game will take the player into the world of classic Mahjong.
A new and incredibly addictive version of Mahjong is already available for thousands of users!
Play the newest Mahjong Connect Gold game, similar to the classic game!
Mahjong is back with a new design in the online game Mahjong Classic Style. This is a game that will test your attentiveness and improve your logical thinking.
This is Mahjong Connect 12 levels. As usual, you can see a large playing field from which many tiles must be removed by matching the same pairs.
Bug Connect is a fun and bright puzzle game in which you have to put all the pieces three in a row.
Mahjong Blue allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient Chinese game, while developing attentiveness, as well as learn to make the right decisions quickly.
In the game Simple Mahjong, the player's task is to gradually disassemble a rather complex and voluminous figure, which consists of different tiles.
Mahjong Connect Timeless is a new take on the traditional mahjong game that users know so well. It contains several interesting details, so we should talk about them in more detail.
Only a very attentive person can pass Mahjong Solitaire AARP. After all, this puzzle was created to test not only observation, but also thinking.
Mahjong Chain 2 is a great puzzle game that perfectly develops attentiveness and patience. You can easily develop these skills if you will pay attention to this game.
Do you like mahjong connect games? Then you've come to the right place, the game Mahjong Butterfly 3 is an amazing logic puzzle.
Mahjong Titans Classic is traditional mahjong that contains a certain fixed set of tiles.
In the game Mahjong Titans Deluxe each move you must think carefully, and also do not forget to calculate and outline a couple of the next moves.
Mahjong Solitaire Titan is an interesting and exciting educational game that will interest not only children but also adults.
Mahjong Titans 247 is a classic puzzle in the traditional Shanghai style, where there is only one layout of the tiles in the form of a pyramid, which looks like a turtle.
Microsoft Mahjong is a classic Japanese solitaire game for Windows in which the key goal is matching tiles in pairs.
Your goal in the online game Mahjong Classic Connect is to earn as many points as possible.
Playing online puzzle game Mahjong Connect 1 means not just developing attentiveness and perseverance.
If you are a real fan of solving all kinds of puzzles this game will attract your attention. Arkadium Mahjong Candy is a new puzzle game that takes mahjong games to a whole new level.
If you like the classic puzzle game Mahjong, but your eyes are tired of finding the same characters, try to play online game Mahjong Candy.
Welcome to the world of mahjong, where you can train your attention and mind. Mahjong Link is a fairly popular online game.
In the game Animals Mahjong 2 you need to help cute and lonely animals to find their match. Look for tiles with the same images and click on them to combine.
Mahjong Story with beautiful tiles has tons of levels where you will play the logic puzzle game.
Mahjong Frenzy is the coolest mahjong game. Usually, this legendary puzzle game is played with no time limit, but Mahjong Frenzy takes the challenge to the next level.
One of the most popular puzzle games in the world is Chinese Mahjong. Today we would like to present you its modern version called Mahjong Firefly.
Mahjong Holiday Dimensions is not classic mahjong, but a puzzle game with solitaire elements.
If you are a fan of bubble shooters, the game Mahjong Towers 2 will seem very interesting to you.
Enjoy the world-famous traditional Chinese game Mahjong Blossom. While relaxing and calming, it simultaneously improves your memory and mental acuity.
Mahjong Panda is a classic mahjong solitaire game. It is a fantasy story adventure set in the mahjong puzzle genre.
The great popularity of Mahjong Solitaire has led to the emergence of many different versions of this game. So, instead of cards or dominoes in this game, you will see fruits.
In the game Mahjong Dimensions more time a player needs to disassemble a 3-dimensional cube in a limited time.
In the Three Dimensional Mahjong game you will find a very unusual arrangement of game pieces because they can be assembled into a cube or other three-dimensional figure.
Play with beautiful butterflies helping them to find their pair and pass this wonderful and colorful mahjong!
Meet the wonderful butterflies and help them find their own pair. With your help they will be happy and you will practice your attentiveness.
Free the birds, destroying tiles with identical patterns in these beautiful and harmonious Mahjong Gardens! Only you can save the birds from the stones!
Pass the fascinating story together with the Mahjong Solitaire. All existing figures at your service, you just need to win!
This beautiful mahjong will require all the attentiveness to pick up each flower its own pair. But this is extremely interesting!
This multilevel classic mahjong will not leave anyone indifferent. Disassemble the most complex figures and win the game!
This solitaire provides space for thinking! Separate levels of complexity and beautiful design are the best basis for victory.
Simple and beautiful Mahjong, it is ideal for an interesting pastime. Solve the secrets of this scenario and disassemble chips in pairs!
Play Mahjong Connect 4 and try to clear the playing field from all the tiles. Search for identical knuckles in the same row.
Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a three-dimensional puzzle game. Remove all the tiles connected into a cube.
Welcome to War mahjong – a unique war world, where you have to show all your attention and intelligence.
Mahjongcon is a fascinating mahjong puzzle game. The object is to clear the playing field from all the tiles.
Mahjong Titans 2 takes you into a specific world where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the glowing sunset and solve an exciting puzzle.
Play Mahjong 10 and try to solve this tricky puzzle. Clear the playing field from all the tiles within the time limit.
In Coffee mahjong game you will find yourself in a unique country of coffee playing an exciting puzzle.
Mahjong Toy Chest will take you into the carefree world of childhood and joy, where you have to sort the toys on the principle of mahjong.
Daily mahjong is a mahjong collection that contains 3 fascinating puzzle games.
Play Union mahjong and try to remove the construction of tiles from the playing field. However, you can remove only the identical knuckles connected by a symbolic straight...
Mahjong Numbers is another version of Mahjong, but instead of the usual tiles with hieroglyphs there are stones with numbers.
Mahjong 3 is a classic version of mahjong where you have to search for identical active tiles connected into a specific construction.
Mahjong Fortuna is a great puzzle game that will test your attention and intelligence. Your task is to remove the construction by removing two tiles at once.
Mahjong Fortuna 2 takes you into the world of fascinating puzzles, where you have to disassemble a variety of constructions...
Mahjong Key is an exciting puzzle game. You need to remove all the tiles with the “keys” from the playing field to solve it.
Halloween mahjong game gives you the feeling of Halloween’s atmosphere and test your attention and intelligence.
Mahjong Jungle game takes you to the jungle, where an exciting puzzle is waiting for you. You have to remove all the tiles...
Mahjong Minute is a kind of Rubik's cube consisting of squares with different symbols. To solve this puzzle, you do not have to put them together...
Mahjong Deluxe is a standard puzzle, the object of which is to disassemble the construction of tiles with images of hieroglyphs, circles and sticks.
Mahjong Dragon is an exciting puzzle game where you will meet the dragon. Your task is to remove all the tiles with images of different characters.
Become a master of puzzles with the Mahjong Master game. Here you find a collection of mahjong games.
Play Midas mahjong and try to disassemble the construction of the tiles from the playing field only in 5 minutes.
Mahjong King game takes you to medieval times, where you have to work on an exciting Mahjong puzzle.
Mahjong Empire is an amazing puzzle game containing 12 different figures that you have to take apart.
Winter mahjong game will take you to the magical atmosphere of Christmas and New Year and test your own attention and speed.
Food mahjong game takes you into a world of cooking where you have to solve one puzzle. You must remove all goodies - sandwiches, hot dogs, cakes...
Mahjong 4 is an exciting puzzle game. To solve this puzzle you need to remove all tiles with the images of hieroglyphs and other symbols.
The free Mahjong Escape Game will take you to an unforgettable journey through the world of Mahjong.
Play Mahjong Everyday online and try to take apart the construction of the tiles with different symbols.
Mahjong Linker is a great mahjong puzzle game with 50 levels. You start from the simplest levels, and only if you win you will get access to the more complicated ones.
Mahjong Relax game can be a great pastime for you. You will definitely enjoy this puzzle game. Your task is to clear the structure from the playing field.
Mahjong Safari game is a kind of safari in which you can see many different animals. Your task is to find a special animal on each level.
Taipei mahjong is a great puzzle that will test your attention and intelligence. To start the game, you need to choose one of 10 presented figures...
Fairy Triple mahjong game takes you to the land of fairies, where you will play mahjong and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the wizarding world.
Candy mahjong game takes you to the world of sweets, where you can play a great puzzle. Remove all the sweets and other delicacies from the table.
Mahjong Dimensions deluxe is a three-dimensional puzzle game for you. Disassemble the structure by removing two cubes at a time.
Mahjong Slide is a special kind of mahjong, the objective of which is to disassemble the specified figure. Tiles can be removed only in pairs.
Mahjong Jong game takes you to Japan, where you will play mahjong. Remove the construction from the playing field by taking two identical not blocked tiles from it.
Mahjong Time is an exciting time-bound puzzle game. You must remove the construction from the playing field within the limited time.
Mahjong Mystic Adventures game takes you to a fantastic world where you find an exciting puzzle. Your task is to destroy the indicated constructions consisting of tiles...
Mahjong Mania is a collection of mahjong puzzles. Before you start, you need to choose the level of difficulty. Each level contains at least 10 games.
Mahjong Cat Connection is an exciting puzzle mahjong game. However, instead of the usual tiles with hieroglyphs very funny and cute cats are waiting for you to play.
Play Ultimate mahjong and disassemble all constructions of tiles with hieroglyphs from the playing field. To solve this puzzle find the identical active pictures...
Mahjong Emoji game takes you into the world of emoticons, where you find an exciting mahjong containing 80 levels.
Ninja mahjong game will turn you into a Cinderella, who need to sort the tiles with the images of hieroglyphs and different symbols.
Luxor mahjong game will take you to the Ancient Egypt, where you can play mahjong. Your task is to remove all the tiles...
Traditional mahjong online game is a traditional mahjong puzzle. Its objective is to remove a tile construction from the playing field.
Mahjong Connect 5 is an exciting puzzle game where you need to remove tiles from the playing surface. You do not have click on the identical not blocked pictures...
Mahjong Deluxe 3 is a collection of Mahjong games. Before the game, you can choose a figure and, if you wish, change the color of the playing field.
Long mahjong is a special kind of mahjong, where you have to remove all the tiles from the playing field. Your task is to remove two identical and active stones...
All in one mahjong is an exciting puzzle game where you need to clear the playing field from the tiles connected in a construction.
Mahjong Seasons is an exciting puzzle game dedicated to the seasons. To view the amazing scenery of the playing field, you have to remove all the tiles.
Melody mahjong free game will take you to the world of music, where you can play a special mahjong puzzle.
New Year’s mahjong game will give you the atmosphere of your favorite holiday. This puzzle game contains tiles with the images of Christmas symbols.
Valentine mahjong game is dedicated to the romantic holiday, so instead of the usual knuckles with hieroglyphs, you will see tiles with hearts and other symbols...
Internet mahjong is a classic version of mahjong. Your task is to remove the construction of the tiles from the playing field.
Super mahjong online game is a great collection of three-dimensional mahjong puzzles with more than 100 levels.
Triple mahjong is another kind of mahjong game, the object of which is to remove all the tiles from the playing field.
Hotel mahjong game will take you to an elite hotel to play mahjong. At each level you will find a new version.
Freecell mahjong game combines 2 popular games solitaire and mahjong. That is why you have to sort the deck by suit putting the cards...
Chinese Faces Mahjong will teach to distinguish people with incredible speed! Disassemble the playing field finding each tile its pair.
A fun and intuitive Mahjong game with fruits is what you need for adults and children! This solitaire is very simple and at the same time very interesting.
Colorful Mahjong is suitable for adults and children. It is necessary to find each pair for vegetables or fruits on the seabed. Time to save them from loneliness!
This positive and bright solitaire will rack your brains and allow you to have a good time. It's time to collect chips in pairs!
Lovely little animals are waiting until someone helps them to find their own couple. Help animals to find happiness and a new friend!
Merry festive mahjong will give joy to everyone who plays it! It's time to have fun and rack your brains.
Interesting Mahjongg will rack your brains for a while! Pass it and prove that you are the most attentive and intelligent.
This is the best Mahjong of all. It will not only stretch your mind but also makes you feel like a creator. Make an ideal playing field and pass it in person!
This fabulous Mahjong will drag in the player for a long time, allowing immersing yourself in fascinating Arab history. Pass all the levels and learn it to the end!
Magic Mahjong will make you feel like a real alchemist collecting magic stones. It's time to collect them all!
Little cute animals fell into a trap! Save them all breaking the tiles where they are enclosed and let them go back home to the forest!
Ten levels of fun await anyone who wants to play Mahjong. You just need to pick up a beautiful pair for each pattern!
This is an unusual Mahjong that will change the conception of such games. Bring novelty to life and play with balls!
Mahjong, in which the number of deducted points depends on the number of consecutive chips.
Amateurs of homesteads will certainly love this colorful mahjong, because they are waiting for them, animals and all sorts of vegetables and fruits.
Look for the same pair of dogs and quickly remove them from the playing field to pass the levels and earn points.
Unusual voluminous mahjong awaits you! Only speed and attentiveness will help to successfully pass all levels.
Cute mahjong consisting of several levels will enthrall you for a long time! Look for the same patterns and just take them off the field.
Try your hand at different difficulty levels in Mahjong Express Zibbo and find out how well you play this exciting game.
Only the ability to play mahjong will help to survive on the island, where the plane after the crash turned up.
Many levels with different layouts of chips await you in classic mahjong. Try your hand at becoming a true master of this game!
Playing your favorite mahjong, you can plunge into the unique atmosphere of Japan and enjoy its unforgettable beauties.
The simplest mahjong will surely entice you; it is a great opportunity to test your attentiveness.
Show your wits and put things on the playing field so that it completely turns yellow.
Great Mahjong for all fans of the famous game World of Warcraft! Now you can enjoy your favorite game in a completely different way.
Start your acquaintance with the world of mahjong with this light toy! Just look for the pair chips and remove them from the field.
Fans of the sea depths and everything related to the sea are dedicated to this colorful mahjong. Get true pleasure from your favorite toy and feel a light sea breeze!
An exciting game will take the user to the world of long and dangerous labyrinths, where it is necessary to act very quickly and clearly.
This is an interesting version of mahjong where only few people will remain indifferent. After all, you need to monitor the color of the chips themselves, which makes the game more challenging and exciting!
Kitchen utensils are not boring at all, especially if you play Mahjong with them! The ideal time to clean up in the kitchen and at the same time win the game.
It's time to collect them all! Not Pokemons but chips on the field. It's time to clear it during this fascinating solitaire!
The most complicated Mahjong forced to disassemble multi-level towers will not leave anyone indifferent! It’s time to destroy chip buildings!
Positive warehouse invites loaders to disassemble all the boxes in places. You need to find pairs and clear the playing field!
A fascinating educational and entertaining Original Mahjong awaits you! Pass each level and you will comprehend all the secrets of this solitaire!
The popular animated series not only entertains, but also educate! Pass this complex Mahjong and have a good time with the Simpsons.
Pass the fascinating storyline and get all the artifacts together with the archaeologist Mark and learn a professional game of Mahjong!
Learn the flags of countries along with this Mahjong. Raise the Olympic flag cleaning the playing field!
This Mahjong is created for the elite, those who are able to cope with any puzzle. Prove that you are one of them and pass this solitaire!
Positive flash game with cute little animals and cars will allow you to spend time with pleasure stretching your brains! Pick up a pair for each animal!
Lovely little pets are waiting for a pair. Help animals to find their mate in this wonderful Mahjong!
Mystical Mahjong Connect 3 is waiting for someone to unravel its secrets. Be the first to pass it!
Master Qwan will teach absolutely everyone to play. Pass this solitaire and comprehend all the mysteries of the game in mahjong!
Simple free Easy Mahjong will teach you how to play correctly. Fold out this solitaire and complete the game!
This is really a great mahjong, which will allow you to master really hard fold outs and become a professional!
Go on an adventure with this Mahjong Quest and explore all the corners of the world passing the level after level!
Make your beloved a wonderful gift playing this game.

Free Mahjong Online Games

On our site you can find interesting free mahjong games for every taste, registration is not required. The choice is not limited only to the classic variety, which is "Shanghai dynasty" or colorful "Mahjong Gardens" and "Connect", in which you need to gradually disassemble a complex figure of chips. Do you want to participate in an interesting story, gradually revealing it to the end? Then you can play adventure logic toys, for example, in Quest or Artifact. Or maybe you want not to look for pairs, but to make lines of crystals? Then the fabulous "1001 nights" will suit you perfectly! The unique examples of the development of the art of the game of mahjong stand apart. For example, The Simpsons is not like any solitaire - there are no such rules anywhere else, which makes it especially fascinating.

The development of the human mind is a very complex process. It occurs daily. And logic games will be a great help for this business. Consistently examining the pyramids of mahjong, a person allows the brain to learn how to work faster and more clearly. Mahjong is an ancient game that came to us from China. Its complexity was celebrated in many legends, and the great sages considered victory in it a sign of excellent development of the acuteness of reason. But today you do not need to look for some great master to fight with him and test yourself. We invite you to develop your mind to the top of the possible, playing free online mahjongs alone. This is not only useful, but also terribly interesting. Each game will allow you to plunge into an exciting adventure that you can go through, if only you correctly apply logic and thinking.

Separately, you can select the category of online solitaire, in which the player must not only find a pair, but also understand whether it is possible to pave the way between them according to certain rules. These are the popular mahjongs "Titan", "Butterfly", "Fruits", "Animals", as well as many others. With their help, you can maintain not only attentiveness, but also spatial thinking. Such games are perfect for both children and adults. Select any game on our website is very simple. If you want to trust the choice of thousands of players, look in the "Popular" section. There you can play online mahjongs, which are loved by many users. And in the “Recommended” section you will definitely find games that you will like. Each mahjong can be expanded to full screen, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the game as much as possible.

You have access to both the most simple games that will be liked and will be useful even for a child, as well as the most complicated varieties of free online mahjong, which can permanently tighten a player. All of them will be waiting for you on the pages of the site, and you can play any of them at any time. Each of them is fascinating and complex in its own way. There are no two identical Mahjongs - completely different approaches to them will make any one of the most interesting and exciting.

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